My first blog!

Hello how lovely to meet you!

My name is Basil and you will probably recognise me as one of the two faces of Harringtons Dog food.  I am clearly the more cultured of the two and so have decided to nominate myself as the ‘voice of Harringtons’ making it my job to keep you updated about the life of a famous pooch.

At the office

My credentials are:
Name: Basil
Age: 4 (Born June 2007)
Breed: Basset Fauve De Bretagne (A French Breed) but born in South Yorkshire.
I live and work in Yorkshire, but I have some French blood in my veins from a distant relative (my mothers’ grandmother I think), and I am sure it is the French blood coursing to my veins that has led to my refined pallet.
Although I am famous, a hard days work is not beneath me and I spend most of my days at the office ensuring that everything that leaves the factory with my face on it is of the highest standard! A responsibility that I do not take lightly!
When I come to the office I have a very strict routine, starting with a tour of the office before a quick snooze under a desk, I don’t have a favourite spot and share my affections equally around each of the office staff.
I appreciate for a first blog this is rather short and sweet (a bit like me) but I have to hurry home and pack. Harringtons is being launched on the Canadian market as we speak and as I know there are discussions in Canada next week they will obviously need my input.

Now where did I put my dark glasses …..?(Just incase) 

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