We are getting a ‘Walt’…..

 So I have breaking news from the Harringtons household. We are getting a ‘Walt’!!

 It has caused much excitement around the entire household, with the small people discussing number of sleeps until arrival (and I know this is a big deal because sleeps are only ever counted down for exciting things like birthdays, holidays and Christmas) and even the tall people are excited and have millions of lists of ‘must have items’ before ‘Walt’ arrives.


My only problem is I have no idea what a ‘Walt’ is?! The family keep going for day trips away, dressed in their Sunday best and coming back even more excited, although they neglect to take me (which I have great issue with but do they listen to my complaints?!) so I am completely in the dark. Although I am slightly concerned, there has been a lot of looks in my direction and I have overheard a whispered conversation about  ‘getting me sorted’ so that I don’t cause any problems when it arrives (as if I would). But I do not know what a ‘Walt’ is!

 Hum, time to do some more exploring I think! Watch this space, I’ll let you know when I know anything!

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  1. That sounds awfully suspicious. I’m not sure I know what to think either! Elka wonders if it might be a baby, but that’s because she always wants there to be a baby.

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