Walt ventures out of the office

Walt has had a couple of visits to the office now, so I thought he should be introduced to the surrounding areas as if this is going to become a regular occurance he needs to become better acquainted with Harringtons head office and all the surroundings. Unfortunately, I was far too busy to take him (there was a board meeting taking place which I had to be part of, and someone had mentioned lunch….) so I sent him out with one of my staff, and gavestrict instructions that he was not too walk too far, that Walt had to be kept on the grass, well away from the road, and if he didn’t come back safe and sound…… anyway I digress.

Walt has such a fantatsic walk, with so many new experiences he asked me to tell you all about it on here, so as I am such a lovely big brother…. yes i am!!

His first story was all about the scary dandelion which he wasn’t too sure about

Now listen hear Walt – Dandelions are V.special and can tell you the time! Yes they can…. don’t look at me like that!

and he had been less than impressed with the lorries which kept rumbling past and disturbing his walk…I suppose they must be very big to such a small puppy!

However soon he had forgotten all about these scary lorries when he became distracted with some interesting sniffs…..

So much to see n sniff…

What have you spotted now?

although he did decide to explore the camera as well. He thought the wrist strap was actually designed for puppies to chew on – so little, so much to learn!

Your suppose to be enjoying the walk not nomming on the camera! Tsk

Your suppose to be enjoying the walk not nomming on the camera! Tsk

His only complaint was that the lead had decided to attack him on the way home….

and he had had to return via the scary dandelion….

In fact Walter had SO much fun being out and about he really didn’t want to return to the office at first, and I had to coax him back in!

When he got back he nearly drank his weight in water – well it is VERY hard work exploring stuff! As he had done so well, and I am such a nice big brother I decided to share some of my Harringtons with him (I am just that lovely)

Although I am not impressed that he nommed it all, leaving me hungry!

All together… Paw Basil!!!