The Wettest Drought in History

I am certain that your two legged family members have been making the same sort of comments as mine when mention is made of the current drought situation. Normally, my dad mutters some comment about the wettest drought in history as he is donning water coat, hat, wellies and covering every other fabric he can lay his hands on in plastic before heading out the front door for our evening walk – he doesn’t half look funny!

I am sure that you very well educated followers out there will already know that the drought is (apparently) due to a very dry winter which has left “rivers and ground water levels depleted” and so we all have to be very careful with the water we use! Some helpful tips that I found on the Directgov website are:

  • Take shorter showers – I vote for no showers ever!!
  • Use dishwashers and washing machines only when they are full – I can help there!!
  • Fix dripping taps and leaks – I don’t know how mending vegetables will help but they are the people in the know!!
  • Wash fruit and veg in a washing up bowl full of water instead of under a running tap – they seem to be vegetable obsessed and dad my dog bowl is off limits!
  • Install a water-saving device in the toilet – I don’t use a toilet so I am saving lots and lots and lots of water there!

I think it is very impawtant that we do everything we can to help preserve water! Although I am still not convinced about this drought status so will ponder this from my new safe place!

29 responses

  1. We see you found a nice safe place to not be in high water. We wish we could say we are in a wet drought but we haven’t seen rain in so long we don’t remember when it was. Hugs and nose kisses

    • I thought it was wise!! Please take it, I am worried I will start to get webbed feet – not a good luck on a dog – and I have forgotten what the sun looks like, never mind how good it is to relax in a sun puddle!! We should do a weather swap!

  2. Hey Basil! Yep the rain has been pretty bad here. It has eased a bit so the probability of a lunchtime walk has gone up from 20 to 60%! Besides, your completely calm expression in your photo suggests that you don’t let things like rain bother you!

    • Nothing affects me, it is just when I am doing the ‘wet dog look’ i get accused of being cute! I am a boy dog – i don’t do cute!!!!

  3. Oh, my! Looks like your weather is about as good as ours, Basil. When Mum takes me round the garden last thing at night we’re nearly paddling right now – it’s very unpleasant, and I keep telling her she doesn’t have to go to all that trouble, getting togged up in her rain gear and searching for the torch. But she insists on the late-night mooch in the mud. (I think she doesn’t like it if I wake her up at 5am to go out.)

    Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

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