Still searching

Let’s start by getting the bad news out of the way – the potential home for Mary has fallen through and so she is still looking for her forever family, and so I am going to renew my appeal that you spread the word about Mary, tell your friends, family and anyone else you may meet about this delightful kitten.

Mary needs a forever family could that be you?

Mary needs a forever family could that be you?

So onto the good stuff….

Mrs MD has once again been back to visit Mary, who has a new temporary home in the upstairs office of the vets. She was begining to show signs of stress, which included over grooming which may be partly to blame for her skin issues.

Such beautiful eyes

Such beautiful eyes and her skin looks much improved

Mary is SO sweet and, still tiny. The vets have given her steroids to try and help her skin condition  and she’s is much happier in the flat above the vets and can often be found sitting on the desk whilst the vet’s assistant tries to work. She has a favourite chair which she curls in by the window and watches the world go by.

On her favourite chair

On her favourite chair

She is happy to be picked up and all Mary needs now is a loving owner.

Ready for her close up

Ready for her close up

Oh and she LOVES her Harringtons cat food too!

Mary loves her Harringtons cat food

Mary loves her Harringtons cat food
Dinner time

Dinner time

Please please please Marys story so we can find her a loving forever home.


26 responses

  1. So glad to hear that she is happier in her room above the vet. She sounds so sweet and it’s so sad that she’s yet to find her perfect forever home. Sorry we have been a bit scarce lately. Been having a Really Tough time this side.

  2. Poor Mary so sorry her prospective home fell through but glad she is happier in the flat above the vet. Have shared this on Twitter and Facebook. Fingers crossed………<3

  3. Oh, sweet Mary we are so sorry that you are still seeking a loving forever home. We will send up prayers that your family comes soon to fetch you. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. MOUSES!! That mist mean that Mary’s real furrever home is still waiting for her…just like my sick foster brofur Leo…his is still looking for him too….purrs to Mary. PeeEss Basil did you get my email about accepting your offer to donate cat food for an auction for Leo’ s medical costs? We have an auction prepping immediately an eWorld luvluvluv to include the cat food for UK bidders. Paw hugs, Savannah

  5. I’m sorry the home fell through, I hope you find another one right quick.

    A lot of kitties with skin issues have food allergies. Removing plant based ingredients from their diet like corn rice and wheat will often help clear that up with out steroids.. I have no idea if this is her particular issue or not, but can’t hurt to try it.

    • Hi Connie, thanks for the advice. She seems to be thriving on her Harringtons cat food, which is wheat gluten free, and the skin complaint seems to be clearing up nicely!

      Still no closer to finding a home tho :0(

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