Happy Friday Indeed

Well anipals I couldn’t go into the weekend without giving you the good news….

On the hunt!

On the hunt!

MJ’s glucose levels have stabilised she still needs her insulin twice daily for now but hopefully it may be knocked down to once a day in about a months time!
*happy dance*

but that’s not all – a very lovely lady has heard about MJ and is coming to meet her on Saturday with a view to giving her a forever home! *excited tail wags* so blogville please can I ask you once again to keep everything crossed that this lady falls as much in love with MJ s typist did and that on Monday we will be starting the week with some good news!

20 responses

  1. Oh what WONDERFUL news!!!! We will keep paws and fingers crossed that the potential adopter can’t resist taking MJ home with her……I’m sure she will be ever so happy if she does! Thanks for MAKING OUR DAY!

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

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  3. Oh we are so happy to hear this..we have all possible things crossed and sending lots of thoughts and prayers too. We hope that little sweetie has the best forever loving home ever!!! Hugs and nose kisses for sweet MJ

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  5. Lovely to meet you Basil we saw about MJ on Savvys bloggie…we are so hoping she gets a lovely home and so glad her diabetes is manageable..my sisters kitty has developed it this last year and with good diet and insulin is doing well 🙂 Hugs Fozziemum

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