All Is Well…Thankfully

For those of you wanting a quick catch up with Mary, AKA MJ now AKA Mimi (are you keeping up?!) check out Savannah’s brilliant blog/ Mimi is meeting her brother Jazz on Saturday and I promise I will have an update for you letting you know how the first (allowed) meeting went – Jazz has already broken into Mimi’s room once, where Jazz sorted out his priorities and ignored Mimi completely, heading instead for her bowl of Harringtons Cat food, while Mimi stood on the bed and growled!!

Savannah's Paw Tracks



And YEP! I am pooped from having so much to be grateful for over the last few weeks…whew!!

As the peeps say…”All Is Well That Ends Well”…and MOUSES!!…did some great adoptions end well!   Ummmm…first let me just say that I luvluvluv all my woofie furriends…but…we cats have added not one, not two but THREE cats to Twitter Anipals, Blogville and maybe…paws crossed…to Face Book too….

Of course the first kitty is MOI!!…I blog, Face Book and Twitter…next up…

My Cousin Leo has a blog…click here…I am hoping he will train his human to learn both Twitter AND Face Book…but his test in PEEP training is still a work in progress…just sayin’ Cousin Leo…heh…heh

Next up…you remember Cousin Leo created his “Paw It Forward Project” to help sweet Mary, aka MJ, now aka Mimi…find her furrever castle..and then she was diagnosed with diabetes…and of…

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  1. Just so very pawsome that things turned out so well for both Leo and Mary (Mimi)……I think you’re a magic dog Basil because you worked so hard to make sure Mary was taken care of. YAY!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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