Brilliant news!

I am sure many of you will remember Mary, who became MJ and finally Mimi when she found her forever home with her new big brother Jasper? If not then we will pause a moment while you catch up, you may want to read this, this and finally this.

Well we have received a brilliant update from Helen who offered Mimi her forever home.

Happy families

Happy families

Over the last 6 weeks Mimi and Helen have been going back and forth to the vets in Redcar. It turned out that recently when the vets ran two fructosamine tests on Mimi they found that her glucose levels were through the roof.

They had to get to the bottom of this and so Mimi was booked in for a full day with the vets so that they could figure out exactly when during the day Mimi needed to be given her insulin, this is called ‘doing a Glucose curve’.

The morning of this exploration, Helen took Mimi in nice and early and the vets carried out an ear prick to get a bit of blood so that they could test her glucose levels.

The results showed that Mimi’s levels were showing as very low and so they gave her something to eat and retested an hour later. This second test showed that the level was still pretty low and so they rang Helen and told her that so far that day Mimi had not needed any insulin and seemed to be coping well.

At around 6pm Helen got a second call from the vets and she was told to come in as Mimi could go home. Having thought that Mimi would be with the vets a lot longer she feared the worst; however on arriving at the vets she was informed that Mini hadn’t had any insulin all day. They explained cats are one of the many creatures that can effectively “grow out” of diabetes and they suspect she has done just that. The reason her fructosamine levels were so high was the body was making its own sugar to counteract the insulin and they suspected with her being so young when she was pregnant when they first found it, it was probably gestational diabetes that she had.

For the last two weeks Mimi has not had her daily injections and Helen has reported that Mimi has been going from strength to strength. She is full of life, really happy and winding Jasper up something rotten. Helen was told to keep an eye out in case she started drinking more, but so far everything is going really well.

We are so pleased for Mimi and Helen, to date Mimi is still off the insulin and has decided that her favourite flavour of our Harringtons cat food, is chicken.


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  1. Basil we remember Mimi and her story very well what a fantastic blog!! great pictures and even greater news for this sweet little panther girl…all i can say is FANTASTIC 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. Apawz Apawz Basil…diz iz purrfect newz about sweet Mary/MJ/Mimi 🙂
    Me n Mum iz doin a *happy dance*!
    Mum sayz kittehz CAN grow out of Diabetez which iz bery cool.
    We iz so happy fer Helen n Mimi…
    (sowwy me not here sooner; me bin sick again…bettur now..)
    Much LUB Nylablue xxx

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