A long overdue reunion.

When Helen contacted us to update us with the brilliant news about Mimi she also had some more good news to share.

When Helen was younger she was living with her mum and sister they had three cats Ollie, Ettie and Harriet. However when Helen moved out her mum decided to downsize as the house was a bit too large. Unfortunately on the day of the move Ollie, the most timid of the three cats, ran off. Helen, her mum and sister looked everywhere for weeks and weeks, they posted flyers through letter boxes, asked everyone they passed if they had seen him and kept in contact with their old neighbours on a weekly basis hoping that he would be found. Sadly after three years of searching they had all but given up hope of Ollie ever being found again.

Then, out of the blue last week, Helen received a number of missed calls from an unknown number and then a hysterical voice mail from her mum. It would appear, that after all this time, Ollie had finally been found.

The missed calls were from S.A.R.A (Saltburn animal rescue) they had just had a ginger tom handed to them. They scanned for a chip and Helens details popped up. After lots of tears, and a bottle of bubbles, Ollie has now been reunited with the rest of the family.

Back where he belongs!

Back where he belongs!

Ollie has clearly been through a lot, he is apparently slightly on the tubby side and has had quite an adventure as he now only has three legs.

Ettie (his sister) is slowly adapting to having her brother back with her, unfortunately Harriet passed away from old age before Ollie was found. However Tommy and Ester, who are the latest additions to the family, love having a big brother to play with.

Helen has asked that we shared her story as an encouragement for anyone who may have lost a pet not to give up hope, but also to encourage people to get their pets chipped.

28 responses

  1. Wow…what a story….and a happy ending too! Poor Ollie must have really had quite a time on his adventure wherever and whatever it was. Losing a leg – must have been in a bad accident. Thank heavens for the chip though – otherwise Ollie wouldn’t have been reunited with his family to live out his days in loving comfort! Thanks for sharing this…it’s a perfect story for this time of year or ANY time of year!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. This is truly amazing!! whatever happened to him he was clearly seen by a vet if he had lost a leg…what a tail and I mean tail he would tell if he could…before we moved we ha all the pets chips scanned to make sure they were up to date as we wanted to make sure if they escaped we could track them..lucky we did as one of the girls chips could not be found!! we would never have known had we not been preparing to move..so also checking now when we have their vac’s done yearly..since they can disappear! great story that made my morning 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. A bitter sweet story. So happy that Ollie was found thanks to honest people and micro-chipping. Sad though that he lost a leg and went through all else he did before he got back to his loving home. What a great Christmas present for them all. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. OMC!!! we have huge leaky eyes here!! What has poor Ollie been through to lose a leg!!! But now, he is safe back home…thank Ceiling Cat for that and Basil, bless you for sharing this incredible story…we all need good news during the holidays. purrrs, Savvy

  5. WOWSERZ Basil…what an amazin story ’bout Ollie Kat!!! Mum n me got all leeky eyed wif happy tearz…we iz so happy Ollie haz found his furamily again…it doez give us hope fer lost kittehz!
    Wunder how Ollie losted hiz leg? Guess dat will bee hiz little seecret…
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xoxo

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