So this is me!

I think I will start at the beginning and work til the end, or at least where I am now!

As covered in my very first blog post all that time ago my name is Basil and I am a Basset Fauve De Bretagne (that’s French) however I have not travelled to my ancestral roots having been born and bred in Yorkshire.

My dad is a very wise man and noting my star potential he decided to nominate me as the ‘Face of Harringtons dog food’ and so it is my lovely little brown face you see staring out at you from the shelf when you walk past a bag of Harringtons. I used my please buy me eyes and don’t you think I pull the look off well? Tempted? BOL

What do you mean which one??…..I’m the good looking one….on the left pfft!

I am very impressed to be able to tell you that my face is much more travelled than myself and I can currently be seen looking out from the shelves in shops in the Czech Republic, Canada, Poland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, France, Greece, Italy, Iceland and I will soon be landing in Norway (as you can see I am well on my way to world domination BOL)

As I was proving so popular (and world domination was going so well) I have recently launched a puppy food version of me on the world and this soon should be arriving in a shop near you – keep your eyes peeled!

Yes that is me as a puppy!! I am so embarrased!

Please note I also look great on the treats BOL

There I am…and there…and there…..and there! Hello me!

I did however draw the line when discussing the expansion of Harringtons pet food range as I was not being dressed up as a Rabbit, Guinea Pig or Cat!!!

When not planning for world domination (in the nicest possible way) I can be found putting up with the “JOYS” (i use that word loosely) of having a new puppy in the family and generally giving my opinion on here of all thing Basil related.

If you want to follow me (it’s all in the eyes) then please sign up to follow me on Twitter and visit my YouTube site (lots of videos of me!!) and check out the Harringtons website and see how many times you can spot me (not enough I hear you say!)

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