Could you replace this face?

A conversation I have had with one of my best pals Clowie (check out her blog here) has had me slightly worried. For many weeks now we have been discussing the fact that I have not been amply rewarded with the correct treat reward ratio for being the face of Harringtons and trying to deduce the reason for this, I think initial contractual discussions with a dog not as wise as I am now may be part of the reason however Clowie has now come up with a rather more sinister reason…

 She thinks I may be about to be replaced with a picture of our new puppy Walt!!! So my furiends I need your support would you like to see this….

My intelligent head!

Replaced with this…..

Don’t get taken in with his puppy cuteness – he will not be as good!

NO way would his face work as well just look at how handsome I am!!!

I will not stand for this!!!

An Unexplained Absence

I would firstly like to apologise for my absence over the last month from both the twitter and blogging world! Although, I have been here in the background keeping an eye on everything. I have not had time to put paw to paper, but finally my anipals I can explain why……………………………….(drum roll please!)

We have launched a new website!!

Hello new site!

Look at it – all shiny and new! I am pleased with it and think it has been worth the absence, don’t you agree? Although I am sure you will agree there should be a lot more pictures of me, but I have been told that I am only allowed in the dog section – pfft! You should have seen the diva strop I threw and I tell you something it worked – I will remember this for when I next need more noms – and now I have been given my own section!!!

It’s me – Hello me!!!!

Clearly my section is the best part of the entire thing, as not only will it have lots of pictures of me on it – prods typist to ensure she’s hurrying up with uploading pictures! But it has a permanent link to this here blog – vital reading – and links to some – but not all – of my anipals blogs in a recommended read section! Also you can check out my YouTube channel – which has lots of videos of me!

So check it out at the brand new address and let us know what you think! Obviously I know you will think “Amazing” but write in and tell us – it keeps the two legs in the office out of trouble – or take part in my fun poll!

And I am very excited to be able to announce my dazzling return to twitter land as I have missed my anipals soooooooooooo much!