Looking back at Summer

After my very waterey post last month I thought this month I would focus on how I spent the odd day of sun we had this month – yes of course you remember our summer it was that long period of rain broken by a day or two of sun……

Anyway, Dad took me and the whole family to a family fun dog show in our local village! It was great to see so many doggies all in one space and I did have a lot of fun saying hello to various new furiends. We were having a lovely time, and I was busy enjoying checking up on peemail when the day took a serious turn!
Clearly dad recognised me for the handsome specimen of a dog that I am and entered me into a class. I was very nervous as I stood there being judged, and I tried my best to stand really still and show the judge my best side, well what can I say the judge clearly had great taste as he awarded the first prize – although I was slightly less impressed to see that they were handing out Wagg dog food rather than my Harringtons!

Looking good don't you think?!

Looking good don’t you think?!

In fact they even had a big banner promoting this food! Don’t I look great stood in front of it?! Think they may take me on as the face of their food as well? I am sure I would help them sell more – anyway I digress!

Well clearly impressed with my amazing show skills dad decided to see if it ran in the family and entered Walt into his class. Well would you believe he won it too? And ok he was at a slight advantage being the only one in his class but still well done Walt – I am teaching you well!

It was a really lovely day, and it was so nice to see that they had a high class of judge for the show, with such good taste, and no my opinion isn’t even slightly jaded by the fact that I was named as reserved champ overall!!!

Celebratory treats for me I think!!





Crufts 2012

Hee hee – did you see it on the telly?

I am sure that I don’t have to tell you, but last weekend saw Crufts 2012 come to the NEC in Birmingham, and in a very exciting turn of events I was allowed out of the office for the day to go and explore!

I was VERY excited and pleased to see that the journey did not take as long as I had feared (it did look a very long way on the map, and my dad’s singing is not so great!)

Luckily there were some hints for him to follow! Thank you sign makers!

Obviously the first thing I had to do when I arrived was to check out my stand; well it did have my face all over it so I wanted to make sure I looked great!

Looking good, even if I do say so myself!

I had a bit of a sniff around to see who had been there before me before I decided to go and check out the doggy competition.

Have you ever seen so many different doggies?

I have never seen so many doggies before in my life (and I come from a big family) the doggies there were of all shapes and sizes – some were tiny and others I think were more horse than dog!

The jury is still out on this one!!!!

They were all looking very lovely and smelt of soap and other yucky things, and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying all the attention. They were very good at lining up and standing nicely, almost still (dad said I would never have made the grade – so rude!)

A fab line up!

and more brilliant line ups

they stood on tables…..

A very good table stand!

And spectated….

The show is happening behind you!!

It was definitely the place to be if you are a dog, and this is obviously a very well-known fact as not only was us proper dogs there but there were also toy doggies…

So cute!

And this! 


I don’t know what this is –  I think it’s a dog?!

I did have so much fun, and there was so much to see, but for me the highlight of the day was meeting one of my long lost relatives, we have the same mother or grandmother (I wonder how removed that makes me?) 

My long lost……..relative!?!

All in all I can give my paw of approval to Crufts this year, and hope to see you all there next year!

5 paw prints out of 5!!