Sing a happy song

MJ HAS A NEW HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Nuff said!

But there is just a little bit more she is not only going to have the most lovely new Mummy Helen who hadn’t realised quite what a celeb MJ is (I made typist email her all your lovely blog posts!) and has now promised to teach MJ how to tweet so you can all get to know her.

As is that wasn’t great enough MJ will have a lovely big brother Jasper (known lovingly as Jazz) who is a bit of a flirt with the ladies, but has already taken a shine to MJ. Mummy Helen was advised to take MJs blanket home with her so that Jazz could get used to the smell of MJ before she goes home this weekend, and well you can see for yourself he has taken a shine to it and not moved off it since!


Jasper (2)

Big Brother Jazz

What a brilliant way to start the week!