Those of you with a good memory will remember that earlier in the year I commented on the Wettest drought in history well clearly my top tips for water saving worked and now we are in the position of having too much water and as a result we are on flood escape routes to get into and out of the Harringtons factory.

It is much fun, and I don’t know why more people aren’t enjoying this little adventure as much as me!

To get onto or out of the factory we are having to use “the flood escape route” *pauses for impressed ooo’s and aaah’s* this flood adventure means that on our way home I get to see all my public from around the estate that our lovely factory is situated on. Annoyingly dad won’t let me get out of the car to great people properly but I am sure it bark my hello to anyone I meet – which usually gets a response from dad as well (although he is not always quite as positive as I would like!)
The flood adventure usual starts with a wait for the gates to be opened as there is a one way system in use, Dad normally kills this time by trying to find some abysmal (My words not his!) music on the radio for us to listen to! I like to spend this time grabbing a quick snooze – I daren’t fall asleep on the way home encase dad needs me!
After just long enough to catch a few zzz’s and usually just as I reach the packet of Harringtons Training Treats the queue will start to move and dad will stop singing and try to find the correct gear!

Then the fun really begins as we get to drive through other factories on the site before driving around a field which has the bumpiest road you have ever seen, where I usually get tossed around which is almost as much fun as opening a new bag of Harringtons Lamb & Rice complete dog food.

In fact I think the only thing that would be more fun would be if dad was to buy a company boat!!

(I sent typist out and about to take some photos of the floods which I thought you may all enjoy – please keep yourself and your loved ones safe!)