Rabbit Aware

Did you help me celebrate Rabbit Awareness week?

If not then firstly tut at you, but you are not too late even though the week of the Rabbit ended on Saturday, all our rabbit awareness facts can still be viewed on our facebook page or tracked down on my twitter feed .

However, if you have not been partaking the most important thing you have missed (as far as your pet rabbits will be concerned) is their free sample of Harringtons Optimum Rabbit food!! So quickly request your free sample now, tell your furiends, your family and even try shouting it from the roof tops……

Food specially for our small furiends!!

The official (boring) bit is that there is only a limited number of samples available, and can only be sent to a mainland UK address.

So email your address to info@harringtonspetfood.com and typist will put a lovely sample in the post for you. Another bonus, you will be helping to keep typist out of trouble!

And if you would like to learn more about Optimum Rabbit or any of my pet foods please check out our website!