I have a plan!

I overheard a discussion last night that Dad means to make Walts visits to the office a semi-permanent occurrence and this made me worry. Does dad not realise how big and scary the factory could be to a small dog? What if he goes somewhere he shouldn’t? What if he gets through the doors when we aren’t looking? *coughs to correct himself* not that I care obviously.So I have decided to initiate Dillon in all things Harringtons related so that when Walt is brought to the office there will be 4 pairs of eyes watching him not just two. 

Everyone this is Dillon

I think this is a genius plan, as it means that whilst Dillon is watching Walt I can get on with the important jobs in the office, such as snoozing, emptying bins, having a nap and finding the most awkward place there is to just catch up on my zzz’s.
I started Dillons initiation slowly, with a walk around the office showing him all the interesting sniffs, before moving onto the trickier but just as important role of how to empty a bin.

Make sure you dig right to the bottom – that’s where the good stuff is!!

Dillion had a keen eye for the job and was soon point out treats stored in locations that I hadn’t checked for some time, and was not deterred from trying to steal the treats regardless of the obstructions that were put in his way.

Go on Dillion, you can get em!!

We got on splendidly although he did keep trying to steal my big red cushion!

Um..Dillion…..No I know you can hear me…that’s my cushion!!